make or Sudo make?

Since I has not installed the Chinese input in my ubuntu, what I can do is to record that in English.

Problem: I compiled my Contiki codes (for example, “hello-world”) and upload to the telosB. Generally, we use the instructions as follows:

make hello-world.upload TARGET=sky

But the failed words instead of expected results appeared on the terminal. It said about permission denied for the ttyUSBx ports.

I searched on Google and found most circumstances like me are with higher version of msp430-gcc. If you added sudo the aforementioned command, you well get “make: msp430-gcc: Command not found” something like that. It looks confused and I posted my solution here which is referred to this.


sudo adduser $USER dialout

Type the above command to add “user” to the dialout group and log out for this change to take effect next time you start or restart the computer directly. Everything will be ok!

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