Picocom instead of Screen

I’m using screen to read the text from a serial console. The problem is the output seems to only have newline \n but not carriage return \r, so the display looks like this…


I wonder if there is any patch to fix this issue?

When I need to read the serial data from some devices in Linux, I used the screen but I’ve found the similar problem above. And it was frustrating that there is almost no solution to solve the problem. So I start to try Picocom, a tiny and easy-use tool like screen. The most importance is that it can map something to avoid the above phenomenon.

you can type command as follows:

picocom -b115200 /dev/ttyUSB0 –imap lfcrlf

where -b represents the baud rate and /dev/ttyUSB0 is the name of device. imap is the input map which means map [LF] to [CRLF]  in input data.

Refer to this for more detail.

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